Troubleshooting can account for as much as 90 percent of a network administrator’s job.

Viscon Networking Innovations, inc builds, configures, and maintains all workstations we provide. We provide anti-virus, spyware support on all workstations as well as workstation optimization and management.

Viscon can assist remotely and on site with any workstation issue:

  • Diagnose and identify root-cause issues for performance and security related issues with the workstation
  • Ensure that the workstation is free of any virus, mal-ware, ad-ware, etc. This includes a full detection and removal of security threats
  • Identify and resolve issues related to poor performance with the workstation. This includes disk de-fragmentation, clean up of startup files, clean cache, hardware troubleshooting, etc.
  • Keep your workstation up to date, identify any patch anomalies with the workstation applications, and ensure all patch levels are current with the workstation
  • Proactively backup the critical data stored in your workstation, and protect yourself from any critical data loss or failure of hard disks